Trends to look out for in 2016

Trends to look out for in 2016
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  1. Contrasting White Collar 

The contrasting white collar is definitely not to look out for. The contrasting white collar brings more style to any outfit especially an ankara outfit or a top with prints on it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 4.19.35 PM




2. Mono-colored Co-ords

Co-ords are definitely a win for 2016. Our favorite bloggers have rocked  this style to pure satisfaction. The co-ord is definitely a go-to outfit especially the knit ones.

Blogger at the Haute Pursuit
Blogger at the Tsangtastic



3. Ankara co-ords

These type of co-ords are coming back in full force. If you follow me on instagram you would know Ankaras are my style goals for 2016 meaning I hope to wear more ankara, that would be styled by me just like the ones I’m wearing below.

IG – SolaFagbemi
IG – SolaFagbemi
IMONA SUMMER NKEM Co-ords Casual ankara (african print)

4. Danshiki 

The Danshiki material is definitely coming back ( it low-key never went anywhere) but I mean its being used in a very trendy way now. Before most people just made the Danshiki tops, now people are being more creative in their Danshiki designs.


ALEROJASMINE co ords IG: AleroJasmine
ALEROJASMINE co ords IG: AleroJasmine
IG – Mindofkye



5. Turbans 

Turbans are very stylish and definitely are a yes for 2016! Many fashion bloggers are returning back to this trend.

IG - @loo_ana
IG – @loo_ana



6. Afros

With the natural hair movement, more black women are coming to accept who they are. The Afro is definitely a political and fashion statement. Ashish ss16 collection and Beyonce in her new song “formation” are just 2 of a few jumping on this band wagon of Afros as a fashion and political statement.


Jordan Dunn



7. Ankara

African prints are becoming more visible this year. Seems a lot of people are  returning back to their roots and coming to appreciate the beauty in the things of their culture.


8. Round Clear Lens

Round clear  lens are already a thing in 2016! Just wait till mid-2016 and everyone is going to have a pair.



9. Prints clash

With the return of prints, prints-clash is definitely a style that has to come back. When you hear of mixing prints you think of not fashionable but now mixing prints is the new fashionable.





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10. Bomber Jackets 

Bomber jackets are already a trend. PS: if you’re looking for what to get me to celebrate my blogversary next month, a pink bomber jacket would make me happy to the moon)





11. Button down shirt worn backwards

Probably the weirdest style but definitely the cutest!

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12. Sox and Heels 

I’m still very much indifferent about this trend but if it makes my legs feel more comfortable in my heels, why  not?




I would love  to know what trends you would be rocking this year…

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All images were retrieved from Pinterest.


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