Be consistent

Be consistent

I’m starting 2018 on a really high note. I mean, 2 blog posts in 3 days? wow Sola, you’re really outdoing yourself.

Today, I met one of my blog readers (we were meeting for the first time) I showed her where the Shop Sola products are made and she looked super inspired and that inspired me too. While we spoke, she didn’t hesitate to put me on the spot, ‘Sola… Why aren’t you posting to your blog again?”. I couldn’t even believe anyone noticed, talk less of wanting to understand why the lack of consistency. Just as she left, she looked at me and said “Be consistent, some of us are reading!”.

  • Those few minutes spent with her taught me a few things: Someone’s always watching
  • It also reminded me of the power of consistency

Consistency could be synonymous with hard-work and hard-work definitely pays!

I’m looking forward to being consistent this year! It’s going to be far from easy and it means I’m going to be putting more ‘imperfect’ content out there. Perfection doesn’t happen in a day, so I’m going to keep pushing. I am excited and curious about what this journey has to offer but I guess I will never know if I don’t keep moving.

Love you all and thanks for reading!

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