To whom it may concern

I love my country Nigeria but I just can’t keep shut. To not speak out is to accept such standards and I refuse to, because as a people and a country we are more than this!

The state of this plane was simply unacceptable and deplorable. During the flight all I could think of was… if they don’t care for what we (customers) can see, how much more that which we can’t see like the engine. Like you can all guess, we did not get a general apology but mind you I believe the flight attendants didn’t want to address the situation because it could put them in a helpless state. (I did a quick survey of the airplane most of the chairs looked like this, even worse).
To whom much is given, much is expected! I refuse to accept what I had to endure during the flight and I therefore choose to speak out… This letter is not to condemn or to make a call for insults for the wrong times airlines may have done us wrong but to remind us that we Nigerians are bigger than this challenge of mismanagement. Mismanagement is a challenge that has been of great distress to Nigerians, as a people and to Nigeria as a country.
As at 2005, the European union put into effect laws pertaining to flight cancellations, delays, compensations etc.  I believe that Nigeria should enforce laws that would help reduce what we Nigerians have endured for so long with regards to the airline industry. Even if such regulations exist, they are not being enforced.
After some research it turns out that there exist some laws that should act as a check on airlines but many Nigerians aren’t aware and these laws don’t seem to be enforced based on personal experience and many Nigerians can attest to this. So, this is an open call to the Nigerian Leaders or whoever has been placed with such responsibility to take it upon themselves to ensure that this appropriate laws are being enforced properly and also Nigerians should be aware of their civil aviation rights!
PS: The NCAA website ( currently isn’t working so even if I wanted to be aware of my civil aviation rights I can’t.
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