Stripes type of day

Stripes type of day

Very often, I start my blog posts apologizing for being MIA on my blog but NOT today! I have finally come to accept that I am that blogger that posts once every month. (Acceptance is the first step to improvement).

Looking at my poodle of clothes and wondering, what on earth am I going to wear?

One thing is, I never let my outfits determine my day, I let my day determine my outfit. Today was going to be cold, so I definitely had no business wearing a short gown. So, I settled for this striped pants and shawl. It was a simple combination but the fabric and handcuff made it look not so simple

Outfit details: This striped pants is a product of my brand (soon to be made purchasable by the public) and this shawl, I have no clue where it is from. My bag was a purchase I made back in school and my hair is Expressions attachment in color 340.


So why exactly am I not wearing makeup?  I really don’t see the point anymore. I started wearing makeup from 2008 and for someone who just turned 20 that means I was really young. Fast forward to 2015 I made a decision to stop wearing makeup because I wanted to dedicate more time to my academics. I’m done with school for now and I still don’t wear ‘that much’ make up because I don’t see the point anymore but whenever I do there has to be an occasion.


This definitely has to be my longest break from my blog, but I’m super glad to be posting once again.

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