4 tips for working effectively from home

4 tips for working effectively from home

If there’s anything you and I didn’t see coming this year, it was the shift to virtual work. The COVID-19 pandemic made many organizations abruptly stop work from the office. While many (like myself) weren’t mentally prepared for this shift – we had to go with the flow and just live through the pandemic (while staying safe). Here are 4 tips that I apply to work effectively from home:

  1. Wear something comfortable – In my opinion, this is the silver lining that comes with working from home – being able to wear what you like (except from when you have office-related video calls). Wearing something comfortable made all the difference for myself. Although comfort is relative, the main goal should be to feel as much comfort as possible in whatever outfit you choose. However, I highly recommend wearing a fresh set of outfits because you will no longer feel like you’ve been in the same area for a long period of time. Let’s be frank, being at home for a couple of days, and still having to work in the same space can be tasking.
  2. Stay active – Not everyone has the luxury to have a home workspace. Some have to work in their rooms, on the couch, in the kitchen (believe it or not). Sometimes, work can go by so fast that you’d find yourself sitting down in a particular spot for hours. The least you can do is try to stay active. Maybe set a timer as a reminder for a stretch.
  3. Once it’s close of business, stop work – Once it’s 5pm (or whatever time your office closes) CLOSE that laptop! I know this is really difficult especially if you work with a team that works non-stop regardless of the time. I however think it’s extremely important to know ourselves and understand our limits. Outside work, you also have a personal life that you need to focus on. Work-life balance is very essential. But I’m fully aware that some work climates require you to be working every hour – if your work falls into this category you just need to learn to take mini-breaks during the work to prevent burnout.
  4. Have an office space – A dedicated office space gives some form of clarity while working. It’s so important to have a work-life balance (mentally & physically). If you’re lucky enough to have an office laptop and a personal laptop, then it contributes to that work-life balance.

I hope these 4 tips are of great help, as they are to me. What other ways tips are you adopting to work effectively from home? Share with me in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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