Becoming a better you

Becoming a better you

I thought about the different excuses that could justify my behavior last evening,  there was none. I saw him (let’s call him Mr. X) this morning so I walked up to Mr. X, gave him a handshake and said, “I am sorry about my behavior last night”. I took full responsibility without attributing any excuse to it. Of recent I’ve been trying to have a better attitude and respond to things in a better way. What I did earlier this morning was me owning up to my wrong attitude.

This past few days a lot of learning and decision-making has been happening, in-fact all through most of this year I’ve had to make certain critical decisions. My focus now is my personal development and trying to be a better me. I love sharing about this whole process because for me its a form of accountability.

I have come to this realization, ‘there are so many right ways and not just one right way’. If you really take your time to think about this, you will know that many times you have gotten in an argument with someone, both of you must have been wasting your time. Just because both points are valid but you couldn’t see that because you were just fixed on the fact that, ” My opinion/way is the only right way”. If you’re really going to do this, you will have to get to a point where you don’t rush to anger and don’t jump to conclusions.

One thing that can help with changing your attitude is ‘wearing the shoes of others’ meaning understanding situations/actions from people’s perspective. Even when we wear the shoes of others, ‘understanding’ their actions wouldn’t be easy because your perception has already been shaped to a certain extent but its a great place to start. In summary, Changing your attitude is a whole process that is achievable and requires willingness on the individuals side.

Are you on a journey of personal development? I would love to hear what the journey is like for you in the comments section.

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