Being Consistent

Being Consistent

This is pretty much a follow up blog posts from my first post of the year: Be Consistent  After I wrote that blog post,  I worried about how I was going to achieve that level of consistency but I didn’t give it much of a thought. This first week of January 2018 I learnt a little bit of what could enable me achieve this level of consistency.

Set monthly goals and weekly targets: The trick here is to live one day at a time.  For my Youtube channel, the goal is to film, edit and upload 6 episodes for ‘the relationship series’ in January. TBH I really did worry about how I was going to achieve this, considering that just last year I only uploaded videos once a month. So how exactly am I to adapt to this new lifestyle of 6 videos in the month of January?

Just Do It: Since I already set my Youtube channel goal for January, I needed to start working on achieving this as soon as possible because January had already started counting. This week, I tried to look for the motivation and the perfect time to record but I just couldn’t feel the motivation or find the perfect time but either ways I went for it. I successfully recorded 4 videos in the first week of January; I have edited and uploaded 2 to my channel. Watch them here: Episode 1 and Episode 2. How did I achieve this shift from recording 1 video in a month to 4 in a week? I just went for it!

Involve or Tell Your friends about your goals: Just before last year came to an end, I messaged my friend telling her how I needed topics and questions for my channel and in less than 5 minutes, she helped draft out a list of topics for ‘the relationship series’. Today, I spoke to her and she asked, ‘How is the Youtube recording going”. Just the fact that she’s involved motivates me. So, involve your friends they are a good source of motivation.

Be what you want to be: Today I recorded the 4th video in the relationship series and truthfully it was a struggle. As I started to get ready to shoot, my mind started to roam, “What’s the point?, “You don’t even have that much subscribers” etc etc etc…and I almost bought into that annoying voice BUT I didn’t. While trying not to feel discouraged, it occurred to me that even if I had a million subscribers, it will still be the same process of recording and getting comments and connecting with and inspiring people. So, if I can’t be motivated to shoot while I have 594 subscribers, how will I be able to do it with a million subscribers esp. as there will be so much expectations. You don’t have to wait for popular opinion or demand to be what you want to be, Just start somewhere and later work on improving your craft.

I really just want to say that even if I only had 30 people watching my youtube videos I will still keep uploading because it has always been a dream of mine to host on a channel and believe it or not I am living that dream and I am truly proud of myself no matter the numbers.

Final note: Some nights you will have to stay awake to achieve your weekly targets and that’s okay.

Love you all and Thank you for reading!

Have an amazing 2nd week of January.

(All photos are taken by Niyi Fagbemi, @niyifagbemi on Instagram)

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