Akin Faminu

Akin Faminu


Akin Faminu of www.akinfaminu.com is an “intellectual badass, medical student and a mens fashion blogger”. Okay so I just copied that off his Instagram bio lol. It was finally nice to meet Akin, prior to this day we had actually planned to have a shoot but it wasn’t planned properly so we couldn’t actually have it.


We (Akin Faminu The Bejewelledbud) went to Hard Rock Cafe and it was my first time there, I don’t think it was his first time there though. As a first impression, Hard rock Cafe was actually beautiful. I immediately fell in love with the concept but you guys wouldn’t believe there was no food. We had plans of eating and taking pictures afterwards, so this basically changed our plans.


The night before the day we went to Hard rock Cafe, I actually went to their site to check when they would be open. I was just a little ticked off that they didn’t update their website to let us know that they would be out of service for that day, but we got nice pictures so the day wasn’t entirely wasted.



Our outfits were both inspired by prints, the unique thing about our outfits is that they are custom made, well my co-ord and his waist coat are. Akin’s waist coat  is actually a product of patch work and the thing about patch work is it can be quite a fashion risk and Akin is definitely not new to taking fashion risks… if you were following the Lagos Fashion and Design week, you would have seen his patch work outfit, check out his blog post on that outfit here.


Lowkey we look like mannequins .. damn (lol)


While my outfit is made out of a Tanzanian fabric. The drawing I made of my outfit is a little bit different from how the actual  outfit turned out to be. The top was to be shorter than how it is, but due to bad timing, cause I really had to travel so adjustments couldn’t be made but definitely adjustments would be made and I could definitely show you guys a before & after post of the outfit when it’s all fixed!  We were both channeling the colors Red, Yellow and blue… Although I was channelling blue in a minimalistic way ( check out my arm cuffs) while Akin went all out with the color blue.



You should really check our vlog from the day here and have a good laugh. At the end of the day we settled for KFC & shawarma at shoprite. It was really weird at first cause we were a bit over dressed and we definitely received those awkward stares but yeah we are fashion blogger so deal with it.

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