Channeling my Thoughts: Ep. 1

Channeling my Thoughts: Ep. 1

Hey Readers,

Finally a blog post, for some reason I’m super excited to be writing this post cause I finally get to channel my thoughts.


I turned 19 some days ago & my day went well. I spent it with 2 of my very awesome friends. You know those friends that just understand you and you, them. Yes they are the ones. I totally missed how it felt to be around “friends”. We don’t go to the same university and during holidays for some reason we never really get to see but seeing them really brought back the best memories!!!


Truth is I was really not hyped out about my birthday. I really wanted that day to be different from the norm, just so i could see things from a different perspective without the “hype” and I kinda did. I was able to appreciate everything more without having to get carried away by all the birthday hype.

IMG_0360 IMG_0351

That day my aunt called me to wish me a Happy birthday, she spoke words that motivated me to get back on track with doing what i love. Although I’m really just focused on achieving some goals which are time-specific. I am also learning to plan properly cause as I am working to achieve my Time-specific goals and I don’t want my other responsibilities to suffer.


I finally got myself to go out to take some pictures and go past all that shyness and just be myself. The original plan was to go out really early to take the shots. So I & my awesome team got out really early (7:15am) but the camera kept on messing up so I was out till like 10:00am and by that time lots of people were outside. Yes I got the stares but I got past my social awkwardness and did my thing.

Everyday i’m ‘forced’ to work on my ‘self-esteem’ because I speak to crowds at several functions and I love it. Over time I found myself in the “introvert” circle but then i’m really ready to step out of that circle.

Confidence is everything.


Somedays back a lady entered into the office she look distressed.. she obviously hadn’t slept in days. She requested to see the pastor. The secretary engaged her in a discussion, in that she confided in the secretary, how ‘her nephew had slept but never woke up’.

I couldn’t help but wonder how much of a gift “life” is. it’s just God’s grace that keeps   you and I. Life is a gift that we are really privileged to be living. So Take a step of faith and live. By live I mean take risks, live past the fear. Pursue you dreams. Dream big.

Enjoy the privilege.

Be grateful.



Do what you love.


In the past week I learnt that one must live a really calculated life in order to succeed. You know not living things to chance. I learnt that from Floyd Mayweather. He is not my role model but then i have learnt some important “life hacks” from him. I plan to watch more documentaries on him and watch more of his boxing videos.


Expect to see more “channeling my thoughts” posts. Well, the main focus of the outfit in the pictures is my Palazzo trousers. I paired it to create 2 other outfits: which is your best outfit?



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