DIY: Chicken Shawarma w/ toaster

DIY: Chicken Shawarma w/ toaster

You are really craving shawarma but don’t own a shawarma toaster? Not a problem! In this post, I will be showing you how to make shawarma with a bread toaster.


Chicken breast

Cabbage (You could add more types of vegetables)

Chicken spice: Maggi, thyme, curry powder, pepper, etc

Sauce: Mayonnaise, Ketchup and Salad cream

Shawarma Spice: Garlic and Suya spice

Tortilla bread

Bread toaster

Here’s a youtube video to watch…

Step 1: Cut chicken into think bits and spice

Step 2: Cut Cabbage

Step 3: Mix Mayonnaise + Ketchup + Salad cream

Step 4: Add garlic and suya pepper to sauce

Step 5: Cook chicken in toaster and cut into bits after it’s cooked

Step 6: Open Tortilla bread

Step 7: Wrap bread with chicken, cabbage and sauce

Step 8: Put in toaster

Disclaimer: You would need to place something heavy on the toaster so the shawarma gets really crunchy.

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