Feeling discouraged? Try this

Feeling discouraged? Try this

After approximately 2 hours at the spa, I whispered to my mother, “I’m so ready for the week”. I mean… who says that on a Saturday? The weekend is meant to be enjoyed, not spent fantasizing about the coming week’s work. Contrary to my expectations the week took an unexpected turn and here I am on a Wednesday night, writing a blog post on what to do when one feels discouraged.

My first spa experience was comical; my facial expressions were killing it. I thought it was just a back massage but it turned out to be a full body massage hence my comical expressions (especially the moment the masseuse hands went up my thighs). The room also smelt like a taste of heaven and my masseuse was just too good.

After this wonderful experience, I felt I was ready to take on the week, little did I know! This week, I’ve struggled to eat, sleep and just function basically lol. Every hour literally came with it’s question mark  and I just kept on asking, what’s going on?! In the midst of it all, God showed up at the perfect time. It’s almost the end of the week and its good to say I survived, despite all the times I felt sick, discouraged, and confused. However, I can’t help but wonder what tomorrow will bring but until then I’m glad to say I’m feeling good.

Feeling discouraged? Try this

> Talk to someone about what’s leaving you feeling discouraged

The best gift you have is your voice; it will surprise you how light you’ll feel afterwards. Sharing your problems leaves you feeling light.

> Count your blessings 

Look at what you’ve been blessed with, now look at what is stressing you – Is it worth it? The fact that you’re alive is enough reason. You know the Bible refers to our life as being “nothing more than a mist” – one minute you’re there, the next you’re not. (James 4:14). Count you blessings!

> God’s timing is perfect/Trust God

His timing is spot on so trust the process and just know that the best is yet to come. (Isaiah 55:8). When you understand this, ideally nothing should leave you discouraged because everything happens in its time as theres a time for everything and God’s timing is perfect.

> Express yourself 

Cry if you want to. Feel if you need to. Be open about what you feel, there’s absolutely no need to feel ashamed of being hurt or discouraged. Life really is too short, enjoy the feeling.

> Speak positively/Listen to the word of God 

Keep speaking into your day, keep speaking into your life and Listen to the word of God. (proverbs 12:18). Speaking positively about your day and yourself can take the burden off your shoulders.


I have shared on what I do when I feel discouraged, now it’s your turn – What do you do when you feel discouraged? Please leave a comment, I would love to read about what you do when you feel discouraged.



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  • Lol, am literally all over your blog !
    When I feel discouraged, I remind myself ‘who I am’ I let that boost me, I take myself out if I can( to take my mind off things) who knows what I would find out there that may cause me to smile.

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