DUBAI: My first time Ice-skating

DUBAI: My first time Ice-skating

Hey guys!

This December I travelled to United Arab Emirates: Dubai, I had so much fun with my family and I was able to make more videos for my youtube and get some beautiful things ( I love love love their malls).

I tried out ice skating for the first time, it was so so so much fun! Luckily I didn’t fall. If you know me well, you know I love to skate and do somethings that are maybe over the top lol but YOLO.




As you can tell.. It was my first time and while ice skating a young lady spotted me. DSC_0520 She skated towards me and in her words “do you need some help?”. I was surprised; I never expected it and I answered yes because I did need the help.


As we held hands skating together, she asked me “where are you from?” I told her I was from Nigeria. She was so excited and she told me she was from Africa too, Algeria to be exact. DSC_0534

I had so much fun, i’m really looking forward to when next I’ld go back there 🙂


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