Grief does take it’s toll on you. I remember feeling extremely tired and unable to do any work last week. It made me feel beyond what I thought I was capable of feeling. When I told my cousin briefly about Grief and how it made me feel, she said we must allow ourselves to grieve and I couldn’t agree more.


Death is unavoidable and we hope & pray it doesn’t steal anyone we know. I lost someone, a lecturer who was my course advisor while I was in university. I was the course representative for 2 years and within those years you can imagine I was quite close to him.


It kind of woke me up to the reality of life. Looking back I feel like I’ve been asleep and unaware of my surroundings (emotions). While not all experiences may be pleasant, it’s important to learn from it. I learnt that Life is precious and I don’t mean that in the most pretentious way. I mean, it’s a gift.


The thing about grief is only you can feel it. Don’t get angry or sad when your family or friends can’t relate to what you’re going through. I mean they are not you and they do not understand what you’re going through or never shared the relationship with that person you have lost.


The morning after I heard the heart breaking news about the loss of my former course advisor, (may his soul find rest) I had to take pictures at a funeral service (commendation service). The songs, the solemn environment and how everyone was so quiet and always seemed to get lost starring into thin air made me feel less uneasy because I could understand what they felt (grief) and while I can’t understand exactly what they are going through; the fact that it seemed like they had accepted their fate made everything feel okay. (Everything will be fine)


Life is a precious gift. Cherish it! 

Show love – to your neighbors, family and friends.



2 thoughts on “Grief”

  • I know exactly how this feels.

    Going through my period of grief, I got to reliaze how important it was to show love, communicate, be real and impact because when you are gone you will only be remembered for the legacy you left behind.
    After coming to realization of this, I appreciated every moment of life.

    Dear Sola, thanks for sharing this. It will sure go a long way in the lives of so many.

    Remain blessed.


    • Thank you Tiana.

      Your comment really reminds me of what I really do feel (the desire to communicate and be real) I hope we never get past this stage and desire to feel, be real and communicate.

      Remain blessed too.

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