Some years back if anyone wore the colors of the Nigerian flag especially on Independence Day they’d get laughed at, Today I can proudly say ‘that is changing’. A lot of Nigerians proudly wear the colors of the flag and even better are proud to be Nigerians.

October 1, 1960 we supposedly detached our selves from the selfish colony, Britain.
Some years back influential beings and world leaders declared that Nigeria would no more exist in 2015. Today we still stand and we stand stronger.

I hope the best for my country and even better for her leaders cause I believe everything solely rises and falls on leadership. Looking back at Nigeria’s years of governance you can confirm this statement.

Well… yesterday was awesome and I believe very significant. You can’t connect the dots looking forward, only backwards. I hope one day I will be able to look back and understand how significant yesterday was.

My department hosted the Independence Day celebration. We displayed and launched the start of the schools literary and debating society. We debated the motion: Should this house grant Boko Haram Amnesty? It was an intriguing debate which I enjoyed very well. Although I didn’t take part in the debate I took part in the public speaking session.


When I was told that I was to take part in the public speaking session, I was very excited and I started preparing for it. I have never taken public speaking lessons but I really want to and I’m looking forward to doing so. Speaking in public is an essential skill one must have.

The topic for the debate was: I have a dream. I emerged first in that category & I thank God for that! Also I got so man positive feed backs. Someone told me I reminded her of Chimamanda Adichie, Another person told me they cried, & another, it was the best speech they had ever heard.


I really wanted to record it but the person I told to record it, said he was carried away with what I was saying that he forgot to record -___- and apparently they streamed it live on Youtube, I only found out after the programme ended if not I would have given you guys a heads up. If I get a video from my performance, which I’m sure I would. I would definitely let you guys know where you can watch it.

Shoutout to my Nigerian readers, you represent well. You have the highest views on my blog out of 49 countries. Love you guys ☺ :*

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I hope Independence day was as exciting for you as it was for me . I’ld really love to know how you spent Independence Day. Have a blessed weekend guys.

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