Issa Graduate

Issa Graduate

OMG guys I’m a graduate (for the second time!)

My graduation was to be July 2020 but that couldn’t happen because of the pandemic. I was really looking forward to my graduation because that Master’s degree wasn’t easy but I did it! (Graduated with merit)

To mark my graduation I made a graduation gown and cap (this wasn’t difficult to do as I manage a clothing brand called Shop Sola). I was able to design the gown from the size fitting to the sleeves and then the floral themed graduation cap.

You will be surprised to hear that I was very nervous about sharing these images. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even as excited about receiving my certificate. You know when things get really difficult that you no longer feel like celebrating the wins. That’s what happened with me but the congratulatory messages/calls after posting made me feel like “I did that!”

I’m hoping to share more on my Master’s experience in the UK. If you have any questions, leave a comment on this post. I’m more than happy to provide answers.

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