Jumia Local Launch

Jumia Local Launch

“Jumia Local” Launch happened on the 1st of october which was also on nigeria’s 56th independence day celebration. Before I go on to tell you all about the Jumia Local launch, I would like to applaud jumia for their unending support to bloggers and influencers. They are one of the “many” Nigeria brands that supports bloggers and influencers.

This was the DJ of the event



The CEO of Jumia, Juliet Annamah addressed the press and those present in the audience at the beginning of the program & after that it was just all about Networking! There were a few jumia vendors present and I spoke to them, and here’s what I learnt:


  1. Selling on Jumia allows their products to access places they as a brand can’t reach.
  2. Jumia takes most of the burden they face during the selling process.
  3. These business would rather sell their products on Jumia than in stores because the stores tend to inflate their products prices just because of profit.

Here are some of the Jumia Vendors present at Jumial local launch:


@mr_ekpa (They sell sugar coated groundnuts)


Ayo Van Elmar fashion


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