Just a little bit of Positivity

Just a little bit of Positivity

Read me out loud: ‘Life is a beautiful place to be and I’m glad to be living it’.

Every now and then we need a little bit of motivation to get by our day. Some of us get that motivation from listening to songs that speak to our hearts, reading books that give us hope or by chatting with a friend or family member.

We really need to try harder when it comes to our level of positivity.

You feel stressed out and over worked? Find some spare time.. breathe and do what you love.

You feel lonely or alone? Pick up your phone, text or call your friends, invite your colleague or friend to eat lunch with you.

You’ve had a really bad day? Express yourself “in a safe way” (cry if you want to)

Last Sunday at church the pastor said this:

“There’s nothing you want to be in life that somebody hasn’t been,

There’s no position in life you want to attain that somebody hasn’t attained,

There is nothing you want that somebody hasn’t gotten


Take it easy”.

Is there anything you’re trying to accomplish that is giving you the hardest of times? Do yourself a great deal and identify people with similar accomplishments and study what they did that got them that far.

I am a firm believer in the fact that there are principles of life and if you follow them, you will succeed. So, don’t stress yourself or overthink your possibility of being successful in your field, identify such principles and work towards them. A wise man I know always says : “there is no extraordinary work, it is your extra-ordinary input that makes all the difference” (so no matter your field, put in that ‘work’ and you will succeed).

Stay motivated,

Remain hopeful,

Don’t stress the little things cause Life is beautiful.


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