Visting the beach was definitely on my check list for places to visit while in Ghana, Bojo beach was the first choice but that meant travelling for like an hour just to get to the beach when I could just take a 10 minutes cab to Labadi beach.

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On entering Labadi beach I and my friend paid 5 Gh C each to enter. However we went through the public side, but there is a private side which means you go through the LA hotel to get to the beach side so you have to pay more.

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The beach really wasn’t the cleanest, at a point the dirt was quite distracting but I focused more on enjoying the moment.

Taking food to the beach shouldn’t really be priority because you can always buy food there (like suya) and thats all part of the Ghana experience.

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At the beach I rode a horse, played a little in the water and just sat down and spoke to my friend (while we had different people try to sell us souvenirs.

Quick tip: At the beach things tend to be more expensive than other places so be careful to buy souvenirs there.

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Find more details about this look here

Then there was this real tiny crab, try sporting it in the picture below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 10.43.17 AM

After spending like 2 hours at the beach we took a cab to Pinnochio’s at Osu where we got ice-cream.

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