Last Sunday in September

Hey Readers!!

I hope you’re all good & I hope September was good to you. September has finally come to an end, not that I was wishing it would. This is how my sunday went. It was thanksgiving sunday so most people wore traditional attires. The day actually started off with pictures.




Shoutout to my beautiful course mates.. Gift, Nkem and Amarachi (From L-R)IMG_0599


I actually take Film production classes and so I have a group project to shoot a video and so we started shooting on Sunday, at first we started out as a group of 3 and then a lot of awesome people later joined us! The awesome part about the whole recording process is I only knew 2 people there and we all just had so much fun and laughed a lot. Shoutout to everyone who supported my team on sunday.




Thanks to everyone who actually allowed us to record them for the video … Anyways just anticipate this video..I’m not letting off too much information on it but just Anticipate & yes I’ld let you know when it’s out.

Wish me luck on my test tomorrow!

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