Let love guide you

Let love guide you

Let love be your guiding light because Love always win. You can never go wrong when you allow yourself be guided by love. I am NOT talking about that kind of love that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach lol. I am actually referring to the kind that motivates you to keep going. For me, that kind of love is called passion (what I’m passionate about).

Love wins always 

Over the years, I have let what I love (what I’m passionate about) be my guiding light, even when it doesn’t seem to make any sense. From starting a clothing business to pursuing my love for photography and creating content.

If you’re a bit confused about what path to pursue or what to do, follow your heart – Let your passion be your guiding light. Ask yourself, What do I love? What makes me happy? If you are lucky enough, you can answer these questions right away. Otherwise, take out time to understand yourself and find your passion. When you know what you love or find your passion: Keep learning/improving that craft.

Life is too short to not love and worst of all, not do what you love.

In a conversation with someone I never thought I would meet or have him advice me (no names mentioned), I learnt a few things from our conversation but I would be sharing with you one crucial point: Merge your passion with your plan/career goals… and I couldn’t agree more!

What are your thoughts on letting love (your passion) be a guiding light? Would you let your passion guide you?

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