I had no idea wordpress had even made some changes to their site, just because I hardly made any effort to blog. I’m in my last year of university and so you can imagine how occupied I must be and I am at a place where my only free time is at night. Literally.


Schooling Life:

Exactly 6 days till I vacate and honestly this school is a buzzkill. The heat is enough to make you want to never leave your room or  do anything serious with your life and even worse lose your mind.

Today so far has been going just awesome! I lost my iPad. well someone took it from the chair in church and i’m here wondering if the person stole it or helped me take it knowing it was mine. I’m honestly just thrown off balance because this is my 2nd iPad missing. My iPad is my pseudo-bestfriend.

I have 1 more paper for my exam, which i’m writing tomorrow and i haven’t opened the book at all. Haha.  I’m almost at my saturation point with school work(but I’m actually done reading the course), I can’t wait to be done with tomorrows paper and update my sleeping


Hair Details:

The hair I have on is funmi hair, If you want to get hooked on with this fleeky weave email me.

I fixed my hair for the first time my self and before i did it, I really didn’t want to tell anyone I was doing it myself because I wasn’t even up to the task of hearing negative and discouraging comments. Although I told some curious cats I was going to do it myself and as expected they had the most sarcastic responses.

The way I’m set up is I believe in my ability and most times a lot of people underestimate me but I really don’t care. It is just unconsciously  the words  we hear sift their way through our minds and affect us, so I’ld rather not hear what they have to say.

I feel like I’m driving towards that independent road you know: the path were you constantly believe human beings would always disappoint you, so you’d rather do it yourself.  Everytime I get disappointed by people and most times I just figure that I could have done it 10x better myself. Main reason for doing my hair myself and I really just wanted to finally learn to do it by myself.

Anyways, My hair turned out good.


Cameras: My second best friend. (after my iPad)

I love capturing the moment and I get asked frequently “are you a photographer?” and I find my self being unable to answer. Prior to now, I was unable to answer the question, “what do you do? or Who are you?” but reading this book: The power of creative intelligence (Author: Tony Buzan) helped me understand that I am simply just a creative. Eventually i would have to get a line of focus but for now I am simply just a creative willing to explore.

Anyways, between now and when I’m able to answer if I am a photographer. Here are some pictures I took today.

Meet Hapiness.
Meet Kennedy Somto. He is a photographer.
Meet Oge. I love her outfit, totally my style


Meet Bouqui. The one person who always checks up on me in my room.

I’m almost ascending to the throne of introversy. I find it had to speak to people and i’m always alone, not having a roommate  has simply hastened this climb. Five weeks into school I had my next door neighbor asking, “wait the people of this room have resumed” 5 weeks into school???. lol. You know every time I get back to my room from class I usually just lock my door and just mind my own business.

Having friends isn’t really an easy thing lol. Having to remember birthdays & all that cool stuff is beyond me. Although, I still have people  that I look out for and probably do the same.


2015 has literally ended and I’m still a “Single Pringle”, but really there’s no rush or maybe there is.


Youtube update:

I haven’t posted on my channel for a while but I have actually vlogged several times but never uploaded it but i vlogged today and I “hope” to upload it. I also did a happy video for my Practical test in Film production class, so I would be uploading that this week.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.21.10 PM.png

Blogging update: 

I started this blogging journey out of sheer boredom and it has definitely being quite a journey, one of the many things I am glad I did this year. I’m glad to let you guys know that a lot of changes are going to be made to my blog. I have done some research and I am currently working on rebranding and all that cool stuff. So yes! I am excited about what is going to come out of this.

Advice: To my readers who are bloggers or want to open a blog. Sign up to a blogging class, there’s so much you could learn and  also try to get some inspiration from your favorite bloggers but always remember to be original.


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