Hey guys on MEET THE BLOGGERS:Day 3, Chelsea is the blogger you get to meet, she usually is the one that interviews but guess what!! today she is been Okay so Chelsea is a beautiful and ambitious female that I had to have on this MEET THE BLOGGERS theme. She also has a yotube channel ( additional contact information would be below). Be sure to comment! Thankyou and guess what we are at 500 views!!!!! You can view more on her website at
Q:What school are you? Grade? What are you studying?
I’m currently taking my A Levels in the UK in Politics, Economics, Spanish and RS.

Q:When did you start blogging and what inspired you to start blogging?
I started blogging July 2014, so we’re not even a year old yet lol! The summer before, I suddenly got into fashion and dressing up and even though I still don’t consider myself a fashionista I’d say I just like to put pieces together and create a masterpiece. I had been following‘s blog for a while and I remember thinking, i know I can do this! I didn’t think of the scope or style of a blog, I just needed a creative space and 1 night after a house party I threw (my now launch party) I published it. So I guess you can say I was inspired by fashion, Onyinye of and without sounding too preachy, God. I’m currently on a mission assigned by him to reach out to my generation using what I do and so far so good. I pray for more grace and inspiration.


Q:Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
In 3 years I see myself at university studying law, still being a media personality of some sort and have started a few businesses of my own. I also see myself being a well known figure advocating for youth empowerment in Nigeria and throughout the rest of the world.
Q:Ever been in love?
Yes, with Jesus lmao
Q:Whats that one thing you don’t like about yourself?
I guess the fact that I don’t like talking to more than one main person at any given time, does that count? I also quite like that though, it means I spend less time chatting and more time achieving my goals.
Q:Given a time remote, what would you go back to do again?
Some of my scandalous primary school days haha those were the best days! Shoutout to my RFA squadren ?
Q:Spend a day with beyonce or 1 million youtube subscribers?
Sorry not sorry Bey, but 1 million subs would be epic, one would be able to touch so many more lives and inspire many more people that way. I do love Beyoncé though
Q:What keeps you going? (inspiration)
my future goal I guess. When I feel like stopping I just think, remember you’re buying your own car by the time you’re 21? And that Kensington flat before you turn 25?
You know, practical things like that lol
As for Academics, telling my parents my results on results day keeps me going sometimes haha
Q:Little birdie said you were the official MC for NTCA 2K15 …true?
I can neither confirm or deny this rumour haha 😉 I didn’t even realize this existed
I will say I’m an ambassador of the awards show which means I fully support the concept and give ideas to the crew however I have no say in nomination or voting!
Q:Whats the biggest surprise blogging has done for you?
I’d say it’s opened many doors a lot quicker than I had expected. When you walk with God in faith, you will find endless positive surprises. From meeting inspirational people to being awarded a scholarship and then being invited to a private media event, it’s been a good journey so far.
Q: Do you consider yourself successful?
such a hard question because success is quite subjective. With my persona and attitude towards life I’d say yes, but in terms of my media career, there is a whole lot more I know I can achieve, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Q:Any advice for young bloggers?
 start blogging for the right reasons and with a purpose because when you have to be up at 4am editing posts, sticking to schedules to upload videos, you won’t mind it so much because it’s what you love. Be yourself and have something unique and different to bring to the table. Post once in 6 months if it means your pictures, videos and posts will be of great quality instead of everyday with haphazard content
Want to contact chelsea?

Twitter: @chelseanationxo

Instagram: @chelseanationxo

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