Hey guys!!! Today is day 6 & we have with us the beautiful Davina Oriakhi. Okay so I have known Davina for close to 9 years & she is so talented. You guys should really take out your time to read her answers as they are really inspiring and did I forget to mention that she has met Beyonce before?

Just a quick story before you proceed to read her MEET THE BLOGGERS interview. On a faithful day I was standing in front of the chapel with Davina & probably 2 other people (i can’t remember who they were) and Davina proclaimed that one day she would meet Beyonce. As she said that a little voice in my heart was agreeing to that & was so sure it was going to happen. It did happen.It was an all expense paid trip.  To all those who actually took out their time to read it Dreams do come true and God does answer prayers & he knows our thoughts and He is able to give us what we want without us asking. Ephesians 3:20. So take a bold step today. Dream & aspire for something great.



Q: What school are you and what are you studying?

I’m currently rounding up my Masters Degree in Media and Communications at City University, London. I love my course. So so much.

Q: What inspired you to become more active on your blog ? (Give a brief description of your blog)

 I started my blog in December 2012, because my mum says I am a natural writer. The blog as the sub title “She has something to say” implies, is just me writing anything I feel I should write. I don’t do gossip, I don’t do fashion, I don’t do make up, I just write stuff. Thing is, I write when my emotions have somewhat heightened. My inconsistency in blogging (in the past) is as a result of my fear that expressing how I really feel about anything is a bad idea. I’m such a deep person, I wanted to spare the world of my depth and my odd thoughts as much as possible. But now I realise that some minds need to be liberated through the expression of depth.
I decided to become more active on my blog for three reasons: Firstly, so that something on my website would be updated regularly since I had to pause music for the sake of my education. Secondly, because I felt that not expressing myself was synonymous with killing myself. This inspired a piece I wrote called “Daily Death” []. Lastly, I’m currently on an adventure in the wonderful world of academia and I want to blog about it so that the journey can be documented in a non academic way.

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Q: Do you believe dreams come true?

I definitely believe dreams come true. Definitely. Many things I dream and wish for have and are coming true. However, I’d like to phrase it this way “God answers prayers”. He definitely does.

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Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I don’t like that question. Not in a pessimistic way. I just don’t like that question because I feel I am permissively being tracked and measured based on mere words. I rather not TELL you. I’d much prefer to SHOW you *wink wink*. God preserve us.

Q: How did meeting your role model Beyonce influence/inspire you?

I would love to say that meeting Beyonce made me write a thousand songs. I would love to say that it made me feel like a superstar. But in reality, it didn’t. The one thing I do remember when I look back on the most exciting 4 days of my entire life is one thing: God answers prayers. It made me understand that if you want something, and you realise that God is able to give it to you, you will get it. Especially when you have a pure (in terms of motives and intentions) and desperate heart. I experienced things I can’t blog about, I went to places Pepsi didn’t allow us take pictures of. I saw Beyonce’s work in an organic state. I saw Blue’s scribbles on a desk at the studio Beyonce recorded her self-titled album. Her choreographer’s sweat landed on my face while I danced the steps he taught us [I don’t even care if that sentence is grammatically wrong]. It was a spiritual thing for me. It wasn’t just seeing Beyonce and getting a hug, or having such an incredible all expense paid trip. It was aligning myself with an atmosphere towards destiny. I have never shed this sort of light on this experience before to anyone. So, yeah. You heard it here first!


Q: When does your newest song come out?

Very soon, love. Very soon.

Q: Your youtube channel, how is that going?

My YouTube channel. Well, because there are no videos right now to share, I haven’t uploaded anything. When I release new music, I’d upload videos to go with it.


Q: Are you in a relationship?

What I can say is: There is someone. Someone very special.

Q: have you ever been in love?

I believe I have. I believe I am.

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Q: What do you miss most about covenant university?

That’s a tough question. I (pathetically) miss a lot of things, if not everything. Even the floor devotions I seldom attended. However, I’d say my interaction with my friends is what I miss the most. If I needed someone to talk to, if I needed a hug, or if I felt the need to make noise and be silly, I could simply walk over to my friends room, or hall, or go to HebronFM, or Reflections room, even Cafe. Now, distance plays a major role in my life. Even here in the UK, my best friend is at least 2 hours away from me. I miss the proximity. I miss the hugs.

Q:who inspires you ?

A lot of people, a lot of places, a lot of things inspire me, if not all things. However, I must say Lauryn Hill inspires me greatly. She’s such an amazing woman that understands the priesthood of being an artiste. I can go on and on about her, so to spare you all of my (insert a word here), I’ll just stop here.

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Q: Given a time remote what would you go back to change?

I’d love to have that remote to be completely honest, (LOL) but not to change my life. I wouldn’t change anything about my past. Without my past, I honestly wouldn’t be who I am and what I stand for today (I know that sounds so cliché, but it couldn’t be more true) . However, I would love to go back and observe specific moments in my life, so that I could relive the laughter, relive the pain, relive the emotions and thought patterns that led to certain decisions I made, so that I can understand myself better. I think that would be so much more useful than altering past events.
Want to contact her?
Davina Oriakhi
Twitter: @DavinaOriakhi
Instagram: davinaoriakhi

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