Finally MEET THE BLOGGERS ends..Honestly I have been really inspired from most of the bloggers that have been featured.. there’s so much to learn from them ( so incase you haven’t read the previous posts please do!! & get inspired)

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Q: What university are you in and what are you studying?

This question is complicated to answer because I’m kind of done with university right now. Actually waiting for my final results so I’m trying to keep speaking with faith in saying ‘I’m a graduate’ and no longer a ‘final year medical student of college of medicine, university of Lagos’ as I would have replied if this interview was done last year.
Q:What is fashion to you ?
Ughh. This question. Lol. Its a cliche question, you know? And I always answer with just about anything that comes to my head whether or not I mean it.
Okay, Fashion to me is a way of self expression. Ha! See what I mean?
Although, this time I actually mean it.
Q: How did you find out you were passionate about fashion & blogging?
Ehrr, Well. It just happened. I can’t exactly pin down an ‘eureka moment’ but I’ve always been interested in how  although I cringe when I look at pictures from my secondary school and  early uni days.
I’ll just say, it developed into more when I started modelling and was constantly surrounded by fashion and creativity.
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Q:How long have you embarked on this fashion journey? ( as a model)
I’ve been modelling since late 2011. I like to say 2012 though because 2011 was almost over when I started.
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Q:How do you balance medical school & blogging & being a model?
Ughh, another question I get asked a lot! I must have replied this in a million other features.
Okay, I exaggerate.
I’ll just say what I keep saying to everyone, its all about balance.
Q:How did you get scouted?
Lol, I talked about this one in one of my recent posts on my blog about how to start modelling in Nigeria. I wrote that post so I wouldn’t have to keep answering it over and over again -__-
Q:What is that one thing you hate about yourself?
I’m lazy when it comes to chores and domestic things! Although, its not ‘that one thing’ I hate but its the one thing that came to my head first.
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Q:What/who inspires you ?
I’ll be lifting answers from other interviews oh. Lol
Anyone working towards their goal unrelentlessly.
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Q:Ever been in love?
Love? I would like to say I have but something that consumed me and left me a broken porcelain figure couldn’t possible be called love.

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Q:1 million dollars or get signed to FORD models?
Probably one million dollars.

Want to contact her ?

Twitter- @cassie_daves

Instagram- @CassieDaves


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