Meet The Bloggers: Hadiza Lawal

Meet The Bloggers: Hadiza Lawal

Whoop.. Whoop!!! Meet the bloggers 2016 is finally here again and the first blogger that we would be getting to know more about is Hadiza Lawal of

Before I knew about Hadiza of, I had already gone to her house but we hadn’t met officially by then (lool right??)

I had just arrived Lagos and my cousin and her friends were going out for an owambe party which turns out  was at her house… my cousin asked if I wanted to come along, I was quite tired and in dire need of rest but who am I to turn down an owambe invite?

I spotted Hadiza at the party, she had her a beautiful gold gown on… I and the people i came with were talking when someone briefly mentioned that she was a blogger too but I was a bit fagged out from  my flight so the last thing on my mind was networking… so I resorted to eating, dancing and singing some karaoke, which eventually led me to losing my voice totally but in all the day was nice and it ended beautifully.


1.Introduce yourself: 

My name is Hadiza Lawal and I am a graduate student at Georgia State University. I am currently getting my masters in Mass Communications. I got my BA in International Affairs.
2.What inspired the name “woven blends”?
I do not know if you already know this or you do not, but I am a blogger at and I came up with the name (more like settled with it) after several months of brainstorming. I used to sit with pen and paper and jot down synonyms of food and clothes. I wanted a compound name since I blog about my style and food. Woven comes from fabric (clothes) and blends from a blend of kitchen ingredients.
3.When did you start blogging?
I started blogging on the 10th of January 2015
4.How and when did you get into cooking (professional cooking)?
I do not know if it is suitable for me to say when I got into cooking, because I was practically raised in the kitchen by my mum. She always used to make my sisters and I help out in the kitchen, so it is something I grew up with. However, I started falling in love with cooking when I got to university and I had no choice but to cook my own meals. I got into professional cooking when my friend called me up one day and said her friend was in my city and he wanted some good home cooked meals. She said he was willing to pay and that’s how it all kicked off.
5.Cooking and Fashion is such a beautiful twist, why did you decide to blog on both?
I decided to blog on both food and style, because they are two things I am very passionate about. Before I started my blog, I always got comments about my pictures and personal style. People always asked if I had a blog and a lot suggested I start one. At first, I was hesitant. I mean, who was going to read my blog and why will they even be interested. I finally started a blog and decided in order to stand out, I was going to do both hand in hand and not one more than the other.
6.What really is blogging to you ?
Blogging to me is a way of documenting what I like to do. It is a platform that reaches out to like minded people and provides services they benefit from. There are times when I feel absolutely drained and do not feel like blogging, but then I remember why I even started.
7.Explain your personal style…
My personal style is extremely versatile. It is girly, it is street, it is classy, it is vintage, it is anything I want it to be but trashy. My personal style is me and not a photocopy of trends.
8.Who are your blog inspirations?
At this point in time, I do not have an blog inspirations. I cut myself off that because I constantly found myself comparing and complaining about my growth in comparison to other people. Let’s just say I want to BLOW, finish :p
9.What has been the most intriguing thing about blogging so far?
The most intriguing thing about blogging so far is me not giving up despite shortcomings. There are times where I have told myself I want a break or I am done because I am not getting the results I want, but I am still here and I am still blogging.
*Can we lowkey appreciate how we are twining with this Okada… check my similar post here*
10.Whats the most important thing you have learnt during you blogging journey?
The most important thing I have learnt during my blogging journey is to stay true to yourself and to keep pushing. Even if no one supports you in the beginning, eventually they will take you seriously when they see how consistent you are.
11. Do you have any plans on taking your cooking further? 
With regards to taking cooking further, I am still thinking about that. Cooking in bulk is actually harder than a lot of people think. I believe in quality and I’ll hate to start something that I cannot finish. It’s much more than food presentation, it is about how the food tastes and the customer experience. I still have a lot to master and teach myself in the food business, then maybe I will, MAYBE I might think about a restaurant. I have had other business thoughts regarding food though.
12. When are you having a meet and greet for your fans (myself included) so we can finally taste your beautiful food?
Hahahaha, “fans”. Maybe when I blow. I am not sure I have fans like that just yet.
I hope you guys had an awesome time reading this as much as I did… Be sure to comment and share 🙂
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