Mistakes I made in 2015

Mistakes I made in 2015

It’s 2016 and I must say my blog stats have been kicking it. Thank you to everyone who still checks my blog despite that I stopped posting (keep reading to know why). Although, I promise I am going to get more frequent with my posts.

2015 was an amazing year for me, I reached out to my readers who I could get their e-mail addresses and everyone had something awesome to say about 2015.


The first month January was so different from the other years, I had to debate at the National Debating Championship between Universities. It was an experience I loved so much and dreaded at the same time.

After the 10 day experience in University of Lagos after several mistakes, I learnt some valuable lessons:

  • Never give your facebook name to just anyone (hahaha) but really Don’t. Anyways I ended up blocking this one dude, that was just always disturbing me & thought I would end up as his wife.
  • Practice is really essential to excel at whatever you want to do. With barely any experience in Debating I took on this challenge, as expected I didn’t break into the semi-finals but my roommates who were constantly clubbing every night were 3rd position overall thanks to previous experience & practice.


Fast forward to April…I learnt another valuable lesson

  • Boredom if channelled right can produce the best thing ever. One random day I was so bored & so I was going through my pictures I realized I had so many nice pictures but so few were posted and I created this blog which has led to so many beautiful things.

Fast forward to June… more valuable lessons were learnt

  • If only you can believe, it is possible… I interned at John Hopkins University Center for Communications program. It indeed was a dream come true. My experience was beyond my imagination actually! God surprised me and favored me.


Fast forward to December…  I learnt so many valuable lessons

  • Network! Network! Network!  In the words of a fellow blogger that I met this december “Networking is everything” Any opportunity you get to Network Take advantage of it.
  • Hard work and proper planning pays off… my result was awesome, on christmas eve I saw my result 8A’s and 2B’s.. how awesome? Anyways I had to sacrifice wearing makeup during the semester and a few other things to achieve that result and God helped me a whole lot.
  • Never let being an introvert get the best of you…If you actually read my posts you would find out that overtime I became an introvert and it got the worst of me. This December I broke that shell and went out more often and it turned out to be a great holiday!


  • Look inside the answer might be there! When I was about going on holiday I had plans to design some clothes but because I needed financial resource which I lacked I couldn’t carry on with the project but some days before I left my house.. turns out the resources I needed where in abundance in my house.
  • Never wait till you’re perfect to start something if not you would never start. I actually stopped posting because I wasn’t proud of my blog theme (AT ALL..Still not proud of it) but if I wait till my web designer changes it I might wait forever so i’m posting irregardless.


“The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.” Theodore Roosevelt

After reading Richard Branson’s post My greatest Failure I got inspired to look back at 2015 and think about the mistakes I made and valuable lessons I learnt from it.

I have shared mine… now I’m looking forward to hearing what valuable lessons you learnt from the mistakes you made in 2015!

(Shout out to my Tanzanian readers! This material i’m wearing is from Tanzania)

41 thoughts on “Mistakes I made in 2015”

  • I’m so proud of you Sola, keep being an inspiration. I made a lot of mistakes in 2015 especially with time management and well 2016 has to be better and I’m leaving procrastination behind too

    • thanks darling! Procrastination is the worst! I left procrastination behind some while back ago and it’s one of the best decision I made… glad you are doing the same too!

  • Hello Sola, it’s great to see how you took it upon yourself to be less bothered about the state of things, and choose to live happier; it’s enviable and I will most definitely be sharing this. Also, are you into DIY hacks? You said, “…but some days before I left my house.. turns out the resources I needed where in abundance in my house.’

    I am assuming you improvised?

    • Hey Yemi! I am a DIY master lool and I improvise a lot! but then the resources i needed were the Ankara material, although what I found at home wasn’t the exact material I wanted I got a whole bunch of other types.The material I’m wearing in this blog post is from the bunch of materials I found at home … and thank you for sharing!

  • really inspiring post sola, mine was also procrastination and the inability to save , two things i really hope to change this new year

  • Wow.. Thanks a lot Sola. I stopped posting on my blog www. Stylebyuch.wordpress.com cos i don’t have a camera and i hate my picture qualities.. But reading this post just encouraged me to do something abt it and stop giving excuses… thank you so much ?

    • thanks for reading, I’m so glad you have been inspired to start posting again.. You certainly have to start some where and eventually you would get to where you want to be! I always say its better to walk really slow than to not walk at all.

  • Oh wow!
    I thought it was Nigerian Ankara o!
    I actually thought you had been blogging for way longer, Congratulations on your growth!!!
    Bigger and Better things this year in Jesus Name.
    I find the John HopKins programme you mentioned really interesting, can you shed more light on it please or did you blog about it already.
    I did an audit on the goals I set for myself for 2015. It sorta mentions the lessons I learnt.
    I also started a youtube vlog series sharing lessons I learnt as a Creative Enterpreneur so you can watch it if data permits.


    • Hey Tuke… Thank you & Amen! omg! how come i never knew you had a YT channel! well I just subscribed and definitely would watch your videos very soon! Yes I would definitely shed some light on the John Hopkins Programme (no I didnt blog about it) but i will send you a message on facebook about it very soon. I find that you play the sax a really nice thing… One of my 2016 goals is to learn to play the violin but I havent really found were to buy it cause I dont know where to get a quality violin from… any suggestions?

  • The part you said “never wait until you are perfect to start something…..” God knows am guilty of wanting to be perfect and most times I do nothing, now that it’s been noted as a problem I guess I have to change . Thanks for sharing sola . Xxxx .


  • Hey Sola! Happy new year ( or is it too late for that). I really enjoyed reading this post cos I could totally relate on a few things. Starting where you are and using what you have are definitely lessons i learnt last year. This year I’m working on time management and proper planning. You can read my review of 2015 on my blog. This fabric is so beautiful ? (I might need to search around the house, as there might be valuables lying fallow ?). All the best this year!

    • Thank you I would try to post more often.. I still have problems with your second point but hopefully this year I’m hoping to develop myself, so that should help…

  • I read your blog intro and lemme just say that being in a Christian school should not in any way hinder your fashion blogging skills. If anything, it should enhance your creativity. The time of sticking to a particular code of dressing is so far gone and the creativity of people on social media is something to be awed by.

    • Hey!!! Its all based on personal opinion but for me it affects me…by “christian school” I didn’t just mean because of their rules and values (I for one admire their values) but their approach affects me. for instance the schedule here is too tight. Like the school basically has programs that we are forced to go for and I must spend my remaining time focusing on my education… so really most times in school blogging is kinda not priority… I’m just really trying to graduate 🙂

  • Hii Solaaa. Omg I’m bursting w excitement. I stumbled upon your instagram and the link in your bio led me to your blog and I’m legit super happy I found you lol. This is the type of inspiration I need. I’m not a blogger yet but I have plans of becoming one and I’m just bursting w ideas but I feel I need to calm and get all the inspiration and information I need before I start anything. Thank you so much. This post helped big time. xx

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