My room caught fire

My room caught fire

I’m in total shock right now but I AM MORE THAN GRATEFUL TO GOD. Just yesterday night I gave a testimony thanking God for the people he sends our way not knowing what the devil had planned for me today.

I told my friend to comeΒ to my room so we could both do our projects together. As we were in the room I spoke of how my room was still dusty although I had resumed since about a week ago. Then as we read, she said “Sola lets take out this bed, I think it’s the one making the room dusty”.

Okay so we took the bed out. (The bed was the extra bed since my room mate has not resumed) Later I cooked indomie for the both of us and then it tasted so good that it prompted my evenings actions. I went for the prayer meeting,I prayed and also listened to the word and it was awesome!

So I got back to the hall, went up to my room and decided toΒ make another delicious meal of indomie. So I started boiling my indomie and I literally ran to my friends room to get pepper. I ran back not wanting my indomie to burn not knowing there was fire burning in my room.

As I got to my wing, I saw dark smoke leaving my room through the windows as the door was locked. You couldn’t imagine the confusion that gripped me!!! I immediately opened the door with my key and first thing I saw was fire burning…

Like ???

Fire??? HOW?

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 11.40.23 PM

I put on the light immediately..threw the pepper to the ground and tried to figure out the source of the fire. To my amazement the kettle was on FIRE!!! and it was still plugged to the wall …so immediately I put my hand over the fire to put off the switch not caring if the fire had burnt my hand or not ..I just couldn’t imagine burning down a whole hall!

So I dragged out the plug & the burning kettle then ran outside to try to put off the fire and as the fire still burnt I ran back in to ensure that no other place was burning in the room. After I ensured that i ran back outside to kill the fire still burning…

After there was no burningΒ fire… then 2 colleagues came over to see what was going on …

and as we spoke I realized that if the bed that we took out in the afternoon was there… The fire would have been uncontrollable ..

Well to the woman who sold me a fake kettle…. be expecting me soon πŸ™‚

To God who never fails …. THANK YOU …my love for you is stronger

…but seriously I can’t imagine being the cause of a fire that would burn down aΒ hall…. NEVER! Thank God for the gift of life once again!! I am grateful!!!!!!!!!!

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