I decided to create this page on my website so my listeners can have a platform where they can share their opinions, stories, and have conversations together. For those who would love to join the conversation but remain anonymous, you can choose to do so in the comments section. I’m super excited to read your comments! When commenting, please indicate what podcast episode you’re speaking on.

Episode 1: He took my money and played the victim. I share my experience with guys and money. what were your thoughts? Has something similar happened to you? How did you handle it? If you haven’t listened, you can click on this to listen – Spotify Apple Podcasts, Anchor web

Episode 2: It was a situationship. In this episode, I share my experiences with situationships. I’d love to know your thoughts on this episode. Have you ever been in one? How did that turn out for you? – Spotify. Apple Podcasts, Anchor web

Episode 3: I hope she was worth it. This episode is super exciting because it’s my first podcast feature! Anjola of thebejewelledbud.com shares her experience of being the second option. What are your thoughts on the podcast? Available on Spotify     Apple Podcasts,    Anchor web

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