Single on Valentine’s Day? who cares…

Single on Valentine’s Day? who cares…

What’s the big deal about being single on February 14? Aside from the constant reminder from people posting about their S.O. or people sharing what gifts they got… there’s no big deal (actually it is)

20+ years of ‘enduring’ these type of days, this time around I did things differently. I enjoyed an extra 2 hours of sleep, then I and my girls dressed up, made ourselves feel good, took pictures and then in the evening I went for a free movie screening, which was totally worth it.

What do you really need? In previous times, I believed that what I needed was a significant other and this made me seek more in relationships that were just meant to be friendships. It’s okay to want a significant other…I mean… 2 heads are better than one but when you are not at peace in your singleness, you need to take a pause. Sometimes we get lost in the motion of life that we forget to pause and ask ourselves (body, soul and mind), what do you really need? From conversations with older people, friends, family and from trying to understand myself better, I was able to answer this question.

Dancing in the fields (while my friends cheer me up)

Love is all around you. Love is really beautiful and without having a significant other, you can find true love around you. From your friends, siblings, parents, extended family, fans… (the list is endless). Aside from getting love or feeling loved by others, you also need to give love to people around you. It could be through an act of kindness. During Christmas, I and my friends swapped gifts… Most of us were away from family but that thoughtful act was all we needed to feel like we weren’t missing much from being away from family.

Be at peace in your singleness. One day, you’re going to be not single… so what’s the rush? I know, I know… we want a travel buddy, we want someone to take cute pictures with.. (the list is endless). However, this is the time to find, fall in love and be at peace with yourself . Enjoy this moment and embrace your singleness. There’s so much to do than looking outside your circle of friends and family for gratification. Learn to appreciate what you have and just show love to yourself.

Definitely easier said than done especially in this social media age where there’s so much pressure to be much more. The good thing is that a life is always on the move and there are so many blessings that you will meet during this journey. One day, you will get to spend Feb 14 with your significant other, however, for now enjoy your singleness and embrace this moment. There has never been a better time.

Thank you for reading my blog post. What are your thoughts on this post? Please leave a comment and I look forward to reading what you have to say.

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