Here are 19 random facts about me that you most likely didn’t know… I was tagged by Anjola to do this tag.

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1. I cry whenever I’m frustrated. I have actually come to accept that this is who I am, before I used to fight back the tears but now I don’t because it never works.

2.I love love love flowers… if you follow me on twitter you would already know this.

3.I do a lot of crafts work, mostly for myself and then for business purposes. For instance, I make hair (check out the pictures of when I made my hair myself: here), I make beads (check out my instagram beads page @arewabeads_), I know how to make sandals, and I know how to crochet.


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4. I love to dance… 2 years ago I joined my schools dance team ( most of it was just really because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and do something different)

5. I love learning/formal education… it has always been a dream of mine to go to an ivy league school, by 2017 that dream should be a reality.

6. I skate 🙂 Every saturday at my uni I make sure I skate but this year, I haven’t actually gone skating cause my sneakers which I ordered haven’t yet come. Skating is really fun and liberating especially when listening to music.

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7. I am graduating university at 19. great right?

8. I have a twin brother who is simply amazing and he takes most of my pictures… I am older than him and I don’t know by how many minutes despite the fact that it is the most frequently asked question.


9. I love nigerian music. I love dancing too and i’m at my best mood whenever there is loud music playing in the background (except from some special moments maybe that one time my ipad was stolen or when i wasn’t comfortable in my outfit)

10. I am always wearing hats. : )

11. I actually don’t know how to do make-up again but i would soon start re-learning again but for now nope cause my school is too hot for makeup.


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12. I love love love chocolates. Snickers to be precise but I don’t like dark chocolates and i’m not a big fan of white chocolates.

13.  I enjoy watching buzz feeds foods especially their chocolate combinations

14. I am studying international relations.

15. I almost got a tattoo when I was 15.


16. I want to learn to play a violin before 2016 runs out, I started learning when I was younger but quit because the teaching process was too slow since the class was too large.

17. I love to travel to new places.

18.  Nutella and Ketchup are my best things ever. I literally eat ketchup with everything…

19. I love to edit videos.

Have a lovely valentines day…

I haven’t been able to come through with that valentines day post because no ginger lol but I hope to have it up today. What are you guys doing today for valentines? let me know in the comment section : ) lol really let me know, as for me I’m basically doing nothing tomorrow cause no bae… (you have to click the post to be able to comment)

The day i took this pictures i also recorded a TMI tag video on youtube… watch it here

anyways … I promise to have my vals day inspired post up today 🙂

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