Deactivating my social media accounts

Deactivating my social media accounts

Just like getting off social media, Lunch dates with friends should be a thing you try every now and then. I really can’t overemphasise the importance of living off the internet and having meaningful conversations with friends or simply just meeting to catch up with our friends and family.

Location- Blu Cabanna, Abuja.

Currently what is big for me is living. By living I mean putting the hustle on a stop and focusing on myself, and in so doing: trying to do more things that I hardly did prior to now  like eat out more often with friends, watch movies in the cinema, and so on.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our daily hustle and forget to live. We tend to act and think that ‘victors’ are the swift but that is not true. No matter how fast you run in this race of life your speed will not determine your level of success, so TAKE IT EASY.

While trying to ‘live’- do things that you hardly did prior to now, you need to have a TO-DO list. Believe it or not you need a to-do list. That’s one way you could prevent time wasting. Currently I am off social media and I am so glad that I made this decision. It has helped me to have more free time for other activities I neglected in the past ( sleep inclusive ) and also re-strategize. I have also brought the side-hustle to a halt ( my clothing business ).

Here are 3 things currently on my To-Do List:

-Watch a movie at the cinema alone (accomplished)

-Eat out alone (yet to pick a restaurant, I’m thinking somewhere fancy like Orchid Bistro – thats when next I’m in Lagos)

-Start Violin lessons (Still looking for a tutor)

Side note: I know you all are wondering, what my obsession with being alone is. Let me explain: The thing is, I am really big on self-love, I am trying to get to that point where I love myself wholly to the extent I can eat out alone at restaurants and just be at peace in the presence of my own company. Self-love has the ability to grow and must be worked on for it to do so. I’m really anticipating the growth of my self-love you know.

I had an amazing lunch date with my friend and I am definitely looking forward to many more lunch dates with more friends!

Thanks for reading my blog! Keep being awesome.

Live one day at a time. x

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