The Love wall in Little Italy

I was at little Italy some time back and  I got some beautiful pictures. I wandered around China town & Little Italy with my buddies: TrishAnn, Sheri , Brenda and Mpume.


DSC_0381 DSC_0380

What is little Italy?

Little Italy is a neighborhood located in Newyork. It is not too big although it “was” once known for its population but now it’s just a street of Italian restaurants and shops. The chefs aren’t even Italian. So it doesn’t really feel like “little Italy” but when you see the name of the restaurants and the interior design of some stores you would be able to tell that you’re in little Italy.DSC_0373

While walking around, I (we) came across this beautiful wall art by James Goldcrown.

James Goldcrown is a fashion photographer. Also by the side of the picture you have the hashtags #BleedingHearts #Lovewall. So I was able to join the Love movement on Instagram. I must say I love the concept.

Thanks for reading.

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