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Osu Market is a destination for Tourists who want to buy souvenirs, kente fabric, ankara, beads and so on. As a tourist you want to be accompanied by a Ghanian (just so you don’t get lost and to prevent the market people from inflating the prices so much).

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At Osu market I went to Oxford street, it was really too hot to walk around so I just checked out 3 shops. All I was looking for was good fabrics and at good rates.

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My strategy for knowing good rates was by entering shops and asking for the prices of Danshiki. The first store said 45 cedis, the second said 70cedis (lmaooo..the speed I used to walk out was like fire), the third lady said 40 cedis so I settled for her store.

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She was really patient with me and sold things at a moderate but expensive price for me (Osu market is expensive in general) When she saw my camera, she asked me if I was a blogger and allowed me to get pictures of her shop but was kin on me not getting her pictures.

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You have come this far in reading this post, so let me share with you 2 things the Ghanian I went with to the market told me. Sometimes when you buy a fabric in the market (tourist or not) some of these market people would pack rags for you so when you pay for that fabric, let them pack it in your front and check your nylon bag again before exiting the shop.

Also they can attimes sell you a soap as a phone by carving the black soap into looking as a phone… Don’t get fooled on these streets.

Let me also say Ghana is really beautiful,check my IG post for some #throughmyeyes posts

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At the end I was able to get 3 pieces of fabric, 2 were kente fabric and the last one was ankara and some wooden bracelets.

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