Trip to Kings Dominion VA

Yesterday I went to kings dominion & it was a crazy experience. I had so much fun. I went on mostly rides rated 5 lol I couldn’t travel 2 hours to be entering rides rated 3 or 4 (I’m kidding) I’m all about the adrenaline rush.

Tips: Wherever you are going to you always have to dress weather appropriate. So i was sure to carry a slippers because there were rides were I was going to get wet and I also had a poncho so i wouldn’t get my actual clothes wet although i later went swimming.

On this really fast ride you wouldn’t believe I passed out..haha. I think it’s cause of the speed…but it just lasted for like 5 or 3 seconds and then when i woke up I was back to screaming again but it was sooooo fun. ( I went on the ride again, same thing happened lol). There was also this band they played so good & they were super friendly, they loved taking selfies, dancing & making people confused with their funny but confusing jokes.

On our trip to Kings Dominion, we took turns singing. I sang “oloomi” but nooone there was yoruba so they wouldn’t know that i totally sang rubbish.. looool right? Then we played BINGO…I won 5 times and for every time you get BINGO you get a prize and so on my 5th win I had turn dow the price & stop playing lol. The one gift I was so excited about was the power bank. I totally need that in my life.

On my way back from the park we watched Annie. I was extremely tired & cold cause i went on the  water slides, I still am really tired but I had so much fun. I bought some fries & Chic-fil A to snack on for my trip back. I got back to my hotel exhausted but it was worth the experience.

Love you guys. Thanks for viewing. Please share. Thankyou

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