Why Did I start my Youtube channel?

Why Did I start my Youtube channel?

Hey guys this blog post is really straight forward and as you know I have a youtube channel and I post makeup videos, hair videos, fashion hauls and Vlogs.


Since I was young ( maybe 10 years old)  I have ALWAYS wanted to have my youtube channel I remember one day when I took a notebook and wrote how I wanted my youtube channel to be and the type of videos I was going to have on my channel. You wouldn’t believe the type of videos that I wanted on my channel… I wanted to have a news reading section on my youtube- like WHAT?? looooool and also have a section where i would just rant about things that were going on.


So i guess making videos is actually a  passion from deep within. It is extremely stressful although it might not seem like it but it’s worth it. I started my channel because I love making videos and formerly i love watching youtube videos and watching these videos inspired me to do the same.

IMG_0052 IMG_0051  IMG_0087 IMG_0084IMG_0071 IMG_0075 IMG_0072

I love that my family and friends support me and the sky is not the limit for me so get prepared cause God is taking me places. 🙂

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